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Hello I’m Candy Aponte.

I am a teacher of yoga, self-love, and transcending trauma through self-work.

Additionally, I’m a contributing writer for a non-profit organization, volunteer, and fancy cooking paleo dishes.

I am also passionate about spreading mental health awareness and ending stigma.
Candy Aponte demonstrates firefly pose or tittibhasana in Sanskrit

With great pleasure, I teach yoga and work one-on-one with people of all ages, abilities and fitness and flexibility levels. My mission is to encourage others to discover their resilience and capacity to heal. Through compassion, understanding, and empathy, I guide my students to set balanced standards and definition of “best-self.” 

More specifically, I am a trauma-informed yoga instructor and a trauma survivor. I know what it’s like to live fearfully and disconnected from the body. As a result of my lived-experiences, I understand the needs of individuals on a deeper level. With this in mind, I offer personalized private yoga lessons, considering individual goals and ailments.

I help my clients rebuild strength, create more balance in their lives, and increase self-love.

Candy Aponte

I do not neglect the fact that yoga is not a cure-all to our suffering. However, I do believe yoga and meditation offer a path that can transform our pain, minds, and bodies. Yoga has offered me healing, allowed me to create expansion in my heart and more clarity in mind. 

While I recognize a regular yoga practice offers therapeutic benefits, none of my services including all written material and spoken words is a substitution for professional medical or mental health care. 

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I hope you find the namaste in your day! With love, Candy.

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